I provided the Sound Design for this wonderful Live Action / Animation blend, demonstrating Architectural planning processes for BAM's Building Information Modelling approach.

Stylistically speaking, I designed modern, technological, spacial Sound Effects - in accordance with the film’s visual aesthetic and overall message. This needed to sound like progress, like innovation - like modernity.

These Sound Effects firstly needed to harmonise with the Music, so they were custom designed and tuned accordingly. 

There are sonic elements representing the movement of the Animated Infographic overlay’s lines and text. For these I chose a slightly metallic, shiny texture, evoking a sense of clarity and precision. There are dark, spacial elements - for example over the company logo at approx. 6 to 8 seconds in - representing the concept of data and technology, vastness and grandeur. There are some more sci-fi type sounds – for example where the data lines meet, and glow in the 3D Infographic sections - these appeal to the notion of future and forward thinking. 

The Audio Effects combined with the dramatic, emotive Music creates a truly modern and inspiring Soundscape, which I feel is hugely successful in communicating BAM's message - that of their all encompassing use of technology and innovation in planning.


Cifas is the UK's leading fraud prevention service, a not-for-profit organisation, that aims to reduce instances of fraud and financial crime. In collaboration with graphic designer extraordinaire Lavinia Mirabella-Greco, and animation guru Dave Goodall, we created this animation explaining how Cifas are fighting fraud and cyber crime across the UK.

We very quickly decided that there would be no musical assistance, and the audio aspect of this animation would consist solely of Sound Effects and Voice Over – not even backing atmosphere audio would be used. The result is a clinical audio spectrum, contextually appropriate for the subject matter. This allowed for both the sonic illustration of the on screen graphics, and the narration, to share the limelight within the audio landscape.

While music might typically be incorporated to imbue emotional content (synonym) – the challenge with this piece was to achieve a ‘journey’ type narrative, within this clinical sounding piece. Vaguely speaking, we have three distinct ‘sections’ to the story, which would be told both with the Voice Over, and with the styling of the Sound Effects.

In the first section, the Sound Design was tuned to depict the concept of cyber crime in it’s styling – the Sound Effects are cold and techy, somewhat rough and gritty. This alludes to the gloomy world of the cyber fraudster. The Sound Design gradually becomes more positive – the effects become smoother, with more layers of shine and sparkle coming through, representing the motion towards collaborative prevention / resolution.

We are all very pleased with the outcome, and feel it is both informative and aesthetically appropriate. We hope you’ll enjoy it too!

3 D's

Two words, Clean and Crisp. This was my goal with the Sound Design for this elegant and motivational Infographic.

As an explainer video with Voice Over, it was important to keep the Sound Effects subtle so as not to distract from the delivery of the message - while still sonically evoking the concepts of movement and progression to inspire the viewer.

Many real-world Foley Recordings and Sound Effects were used, such as small pieces of glass and metal which again, reinforce the crisp aesthetic of the visuals. These recordings were then processed using Reverb, Pitch Manipulation and Time Stretching to enable them to twist, warp and shift - as per the on screen movement. Reverbs were kept short and sharp to create a very subtle sense of space within the soundscape, imparting a degree of depth to the otherwise very simple, line - driven animation.


This is a cut-down edit of a 4.5 minute brand film for which I provided the Sound Design. The client was German engineering firm Elektrosil, whose target markets cover almost all industrial sectors. I've chopped out a lot of the industry specific content.

Due to the infographic being designed for display in a presentation setting – with the intention of the presenter commenting simultaneously, the sound effects were kept fairly light and playful, while still retaining an aesthetic nod to the company’s sector, industry and manufacturing.

Note the background office ambience audio in the mix, which served both to fill the space out a little, and to make the piece somewhat less ‘clinical’ in feel, since both music and Voice Over are absent. This allows the audience to subconsciously ‘connect’ or ‘identify’ with the piece, providing a more familiar, and ‘human’ experience.

Design, Illustration and Animation by Dave Goodall


I provided the Sound Design for this animated Infographic explainer for Delivery Connect, a piece of freight tracking software from Blackbay.

The sound effects here are used primarily to signify the notifications the driver, delivery centre, and customer receive when using the service. While background fx set the scene, including the sounds of children playing, birdsong, and general town ambience such as passing vehicles.

Given that the piece was styled in a comic book theme, the sounds are playful and light, reflecting the nature of the visuals. So whooshes as the camera pans across the city, fun, pop noises for the speech bubbles, foley footsteps, and garbled speech are all present, keeping in line with the stylisation.

The logo / ident sound design was designed to be suitably ‘techy’ while still retaining the comic book aesthetic.

Design and Direction: Ruth Pike at Apple Print and Creative
Animation: Dave Goodall