A real Sound Design bonanza! - I was challenged with providing the super creative audio effects design and mix for this highly stylised technical film, shot at a Dynacast plant in Vienna.

Given the experimental and abstract nature of the edit, with lots of super slow motion footage, glitches, and reverse shots – my task was to tightly weave the sound design elements into the music, creating a truly engaging soundscape to capture the imagination of the viewer.

Machine noises, glitches, synthesisers, tools, foley recordings, and an assortment of sonic oddities were all incorporated into this highly experimental commercial film.

Instead of ‘going heavy’ with the Sound Design (to mimic the solid, robust nature of the machinery at work), I opted instead to create an audio-visual juxtaposition, using contrastingly ‘light’ sounds to represent the various machining processes on display. This in turn serves to augment the high levels of intricacy in the edit. I hope you enjoy it!


Sound Design and Mix for this wonderfully shot and orchestrated brand film for Dynacast - a Specialist Die Casting and Metal Manufacturing Firm.

Mixes in multiple languages were supplied, shown here is the US version.

Having been supplied with very little location sound (actual recordings of the machinery), I had to be very inventive indeed when creating the sound effects. It is often the case that what is accurate as far as machine sounds is concerned, may not be the most interesting, exciting, or artistically / technically appropriate for use.

However, it is always important to be convincing while still capturing the imagination of the viewer, so some degree of faithfulness to the actual machine sounds is required, while adding in some extra creativity and vivacity.

An example of this impressionistic approach can be seen in the two shots from 43 seconds to 46 seconds. The audio I created for the laser etching actually started life as a recording of a pneumatic drill. This was then very heavily processed using a wide array of pug-ins and audio manipulation tools, to achieve a highly convincing, yet completely deceiving Audio Effect. This process is present throughout the entire piece, and the client’s demand for accurate representation of the machinery was nonetheless satisfied.

This video is proudly displayed on the front page of their website dynacast.com



This charming Animation for the Black Tomato Travel Agency required light, subtle Sound Design to compliment the softly spoken Voice Over and warm, welcoming music bed.

The theme of travel was conveyed in this piece using paper planes, for which I made many recordings. Once in my sequence and suitably sync’d to the on-screen movement, I combined these paper sounds with an assortment of whooshes and whizzes to signify their motion, with reverbs giving a sense of space to the 2D visuals.

There are a wide number of specific sound effects subtly embedded into this piece. The section from 1 minute 34 seconds displays some quick-fire changes from a sound representing a family’s laughter, to a windswept beach, to a hot air balloon. The client particularly enjoyed this section, in addition to the audio effects signifying the Y.O.U text.

A particular challenge to this piece was keeping the music under control, as it was extremely dynamic. Of utmost importance is of course the clarity of the narration, which was achieved through exhaustive automation, compression, and equalisation, bringing he whole piece together to a uniform and well-balanced whole.