Sound Design and Your Emotions

Sound Design and Your Emotions

A Sound Designer’s job is a rare mix of both literal and abstract persuasion...

We inform, persuade, influence, and emotionally manipulate the viewer through a mixture of subconscious ‘channels’ – ranging from the implicit subtlety of a cave’s ambience, to the overt echoed dripping of water, to the outright obscurities of the sound of impending doom – whatever that might be!

Welcome to SignalSound!

Welcome to the brand new SignalSound website – where I collate and share my work, passion, and knowledge about Sound Design, Foley, Film, Animation, and all things Audio!

I hope you enjoy your stay, and that you find my work and insights both interesting and informative. Do be sure to keep an eye out for future blog posts, as I’ll be sharing my thoughts on anything and everything Audio related – from a Sound Designer / Audio Editor / Film Lover / Post Production Geek‘s perspective.

We’ve just launched and are still tweaking things here and there. Please bear with us if some things act a bit funny!

Whether you’re a Creative Agency or Studio looking for a collaboration – or if you have questions or feedback in general – drop us a note here. Thanks again for stopping by, and please help spread the word that the site is up and running!

Happy exploring,
– Simon