A few of the fabulous award winning projects for which I’ve had the pleasure of providing the Audio Post, plus a couple of personal awards too!

Killing Eve - BAFTA Television Craft Award 2019 for Best Sound - Fiction

Under The Shadow - MPSE Golden Reel Award Winner 2016

Misfits - Winner of Music and Sound Award 2012, RTS Award for Sound 2010, BAFTA 2010

Moon - BAFTA Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer award 2010

Conch Awards 2009 nomination – Best Newcomer

Enhance your visual material and make it really shine through use of highly creative and original sound design.



Employing a vast array of Audio Post Processing techniques, SignalSound is able to deliver on all fronts. From highly polished Dialogue to dirty Sci-fi Sound Effects and everything in between, Simon draws on his vast experience and understanding of the science behind Sound, and employs a meticulous, perfectionistic approach to his art, with a workflow that is undergoing constant tweaking and refinement.

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Simon is able to quickly translate concepts and ideas into highly creative and truly original Soundscapes. This is enabled in part by the creation of his fully custom - and as such, unique - Audio library, containing personalised Sound Effects designed from the ground up. This allows for rapid experimentation - as these sounds have been created with effortless employment and further manipulation in mind, achieving outstanding results quickly and effectively.



Simon eats, sleeps, and breathes Audio. He experiments with Sound continually to achieve the desired sonic effects. You might find him in the kitchen recording marbles in a saucepan. He took a portable recorder with him to travel the world. This fascination with Audio was instilled in him at a young age, coming from a home where music was a great source of joy. Hi-fi equipment was tinkered with, transistors were replaced, microphones built - his passion was continually nurtured.

Innovative Sound Design for a modern world